Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 6.

Oh my goodness! I am so thrilled! I've lost 10 pounds! First of all, I should mention that I've actually been watching my diet for about two weeks, but I call this day 6 because I didn't start counting calories until 6 days ago.

The last few days have been pretty hard for me, I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to binge! I can't believe I've gone 6 whole days without fast food! That has to be a record for me-- at least since I've been in college! I think I've gained like 20 pounds a year all three years of college. That's just an estimate, but I think I weighed about 180 lbs before my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Monica's blog about 2009 & odd years being bad years for her family made me think about my own family. 2006 was the bad year for us. In March, my momma was diagnosed with breast cancer & my great grandma passed away. I didn't want to go away to school, because my dad works an hour away from our house & I didn't want my mom to be alone at the house while she was still doing chemo. Well, my grandma promised that she and my grandpa would come down all the time (they live about 70 miles away) , so I went ahead and went to school an hour and a half way. Not at KU (myyy dream school <3), but at Oklahoma State. After my first NIGHT at OSU, I woke up to a phone call.. never a good sign. It was my dad, he was given the awful task of calling to tell me that my grandma had passed away. My mom & my grandma are/were my best friends. We were all so close, so to have one diagnosed with cancer and the other passing away within 5 months of each other was just devastating. And so I ate, and ate, and ate.. and three years later, I'm still eating!! My mother has been cancer-free for 2 and a half years now :) However, she has been having some hip pain for a little while, so she has to have a PET scan next Monday to see if's cancer. I'm so so so so so so scared. If 'it' has spread to the bone, there is no cure. Hopefully, though, it won't be cancer. She had a mastectomy & they removed the lymphnodes under her arm. She had one positive lymphnode, so since they removed it.. the only way it could've spread is if a little cancer cell escaped without causing another lymphnode to be positive AND it survived her chemo.. unless of course she has cancer somewhere else. Her last mamogram was in March and no cancer in the remaining breast, so LET'S HOPE IT'S NOTHING!!!

I didn't realize how upset I am about it until I started writing. I don't know if I should've shared all of that on a weight loss blog, but it has caused me to gain quite a bit of weight.

Anyway, thanks for all the nice comments about my pictures! Hope everyone has a good day!


  1. That is totally awesome you chose to open up about things on here. A lot of times people deal with the actual 'weight' but not the deeper reasons. It is by talking about those reasons and dealing with them that you will not only GET the weight off, but KEEP it off too.


  2. Congrats on your weight loss, isnt that exciting? Did you reward yourself?

    Im so sorry to hear about your mom...Ill say a prayer for your family. I think you SHOULD write about whatever you want, whenever you want. I completely agree with 'My Own Two Feet'. Its good that you wrote about it and didnt go and ruin your hard work with a binge :)