Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ohhhh, I'm SO HUNGRY!

So, I'm blogging so I don't think about it. Ha.

So, about my family, my immidiate family is overweight, too. Most of my cousins have been overweight at some point, but they all have managed to lose most of their weight. (and some are quite skinny now!!!) Anyway, I went to one of their weddings last year, and man oh man.. when those pictures came back-- I WAS HUGE! And so embarrassed!!!!

Well, it turns out that another cousin is getting married in January. The wedding was pushed up 5 months, so now I'm desperate to lose as much weight as possible before I have to take those pics!! Plus, I really want to wear something cute. I never wear cute clothes. I'm a jeans and tshirt type of girl, because I figure if I wear boring clothes, people won't look at me as much! But, this time, I want to have friendly conversations with all of my family members without being so embarrassed about them thinking "oh my GOSH, she has gained so much more weight!"

I just want them to get to know KATIE. The real person that I am... not just the person they know-- the shy girl who rarely speaks, who seems pretty awkward, and barely eats in front of us..but we KNOW the girl is eating!

I'm the forgetable one, you know? The one that no one thinks about calling when they go home for Christmas, the one that never gets facebook comments. No, this isn't a pity party, it's the truth. And a truth that hurts very much. I want to change it! I want to change so much. AND I WILL, because I can. I can control what goes into my mouth, and how much I work out. I can't control what my mind craves, but I can control what I give in to!


  1. good luck to ya girlie. this place has been my rock. we're pretty good people around here.

  2. Go to Weight Watchers. They have meetings and online tools, but if you go to meetings, you'll meet others in the same boat.

  3. You should totally add me on Facebook, that is my 2nd favorite place to here.. :)